Da Jiang Yo, 打酱油

Laterally means “Get Some Soy Sauce”. When a person in Guangzhou was asked to give his opinion of the sex scandal involving Hong Kong star Edison Chen (陈冠希), the man answered, “It is none of my business. I am just out to get some soy sauce.” People have since begun using the words to mean “it’s none of my business”.

Dou Fu Zha Gong Cheng豆腐渣工程

Laterally means: Soy bean curb residue (after squeezing all the water out) construction. This refers to many poor quality constructions in China that collapse for no reasons. Poor quality is usually due corruption activities.  

Er-nai, 二奶

Literally means “second milk” in Chinese, it is a slang term for mistress in China

Feng Huang Nan, 凤凰男

Laterally means Phoenix Man. This expression refers to a man who grew up poor and in the countryside, but later moved to a big city and married to a city girl. Due to the couple’s different backgrounds and habits, they often encounter problems.

Fen Qing,

Laterally means Angry Youth. This refers to a group of people who usually express extremely patriotic and nationalistic opinion on internet. It also often used to describe irrational and cynical people especially in political topic.


Laterally means Sea Turtle. Since China’s open up in the 80s, people started studying overseas. Those studied overseas and subsequently returned back to China are “Sea Turtles”


This Chinese term literally means mountain strongholds of bandits. First borrowed to describe knockoff products and activities, it has evolved to refer also to homemade products, such as video parodies of movies.

He Xie , 河蟹

Laterally mean River Crab. It sounds like “harmony” in Chinese. It is used to ridicule the Chinese government suppression of her citizen in seek of harmony of the society.

Wo Ju, 蜗居

Laterally means Living of a Snail. The term is originally the name of a popular TV that describes the social phenomenon due small living space and expensive real estate. Now it is used to describe the tiny home of general public

Wu Mao Dang, 五毛党

Laterally means “Fifty Cents Party” or “Fifty Cents Army”. It refers to hired pen to write article and discuss issues in favor of particular point of view. Fifty cents refer to the fifty cents RMB reward that the hired pen when this activity first stared.

Yi Zu,蚁族

Laterally means Ants Warm. It is a terminology used to describe a group of young people who live as ants in the modern society. Ant is the animal in a lower level of the biological chain, which usually stands for small and weak in Chinese tradition. Yi Zhu is also known as Post-80 Generation.