China is a country with more than five thousand years of history, home of one fifth of the world’s population, a growing economic power, the world’s factory, one of the four great civilizations… As important as it is, China is not well understood by the western world. As diverse as China’s culture is, most people only know about its delicious Chinese food but nothing else. Why?

We don’t think it is lack of interest but rather lack of information.

Michael Anti, a famous Chinese journalist, summarizes the reason well in his controversial statement: “If something isn’t written in English, it does not really exist in the world.”

China (Zhong Guo) laterally means the Central Nation. For so long, Chinese had thought the world should come to us. Not anymore. Today, you see Chinese all over the world; they help the world understand China. However, this is not enough.

There are still tremendous fascinating stories, knowledge, ideas… generated in China everyday, but there are few means for the world to know due to the language barrier.  What happens in China still stays in China for the most part!

As Chinese, we want to contribute our effort and make the world know more about the real China and the different social and economic environment we live in. That is why we created this website.

This is our story and we hope you enjoy reading.


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Chen Chen, Writer

Cathy Jin, Writer

Phi “Snowball” Wu, Writer

Wendy Lee, Lead Editor