2012 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast – The Tiger!

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Date and Time of Birth

1926 February 4 (at 10:14 PM) to 1927 February 5 (at 03:34 AM)
1938 February 4 (at 07:16 PM) to 1939 February 5 (at 01:22 AM)
1950 February 4 (at 05:22 PM) to 1951 February 4 (at 11:12 PM)
1962 February 4 (at 03:16 PM) to 1963 February 4 (at 09:08 PM)
1974 February 4 (at 01:03 PM) to 1975 February 4 (at 06:52 PM)
1986 February 4 (at 11:14 AM) to 1987 February 4 (at 04:51 PM)
1998 February 4 (at 08:47 AM) to 1999 February 4 (at 02:42 PM)

Overall Fortune

For people born under the sign of the Tiger, 2012 can be described as a struggle between Dragon and Tiger. Although it’s supposed to be a year of increased wealth for Tigers, the presence of the “Tai Sui” is undeniable, and so Tigers need to lie low. The “Tai Sui” could cause Tigers to lose money, so take care not to invest too much in one go. Don’t be too bold, as too much aggression can cause bankruptcy.

Due to the influence of the “Stagecoach Star”, this is a great year for travelling overseas. Go outward, not inward. There will be some changes involving movement this year, such as moving homes or changing jobs. Don’t be stagnant this year.

Wealth Fortune

The “Bankruptcy Star” is influential on Tigers this year so don’t be too aggressive in choosing investments. It’s better to be timid, don’t engage in stock speculation, as the “Bankruptcy Star” can eat up your life’s savings.

Career Fortune

Tigers should take care to avoid confrontations at work, either with colleagues or superiors, as this can adversely affect their professional growth. Don’t say more than necessary, stay calm, and don’t act rash. Peace and quiet should be the most important values for Tigers this year, or they could end up jobless.

Relationship Fortune

Do not be too trusting of other people, as unscrupulous ones may take the opportunity to harm you. They may appear friendly and helpful, but are actually planning to hurt you. A lot of conflicts can occur between romantic partners this year, so it’s important for both parties to be understanding and patient. Single people won’t have a very prosperous love life this year. If you’re proactive, however, you may find the right one for you. There won’t be a lot of weddings for Tigers this year, but be warned that a lot of extramarital and similarly shady affairs will be abundant. Before entering a relationship, make sure that your partner is single, and that you won’t end up a third party home wrecker. Don’t let impetuousness lead you to enter a relationship with a married man or woman and destroy the trust between husband and wife.

Health Fortune

Pay special attention to stomach problems and other diseases related to the digestive system.

Fortune for the Youth

Young Tigers will experience the first stirrings of love this year, but this could distract them from their studies. Parents should be ready to guide and communicate with them to get through this potentially problematic time.

Fortune for Women

Lady Tigers will have a relatively good year, but must pay attention to their health. Guard against physical and emotional fatigue, and pay attention to diseases related to the eyes, the brain, and the urinary tract. Career-wise, some stumbling blocks in the form of detractors may appear, but Tigers can succeed.

What to do to improve the Future

Due to the clash between the Tiger sign and the Dragon sign, plus the presence of the “Fierce Star”, Tigers this year are in danger of verbal altercations, bankruptcy, and physical injuries. To avoid these possible misfortunes, it’s recommended to use the “Lucky Heavenly Horse” charm. The “Lucky Heavenly Horse” charm contains a spell that counters the “Fierce Star”; combined with the Five Elements Diagram, Tigers can eliminate the dangers and misfortunes that dog them this year. The forward-facing red horse charm is sometimes known as the “Fire Horse” or the “Heavenly Horse”. Since Tigers and Dragons clash, the Horse serves as the middle ground that protects the Tiger’s wealth. Plus, the Horse and the Tiger signs are compatible, increasing the Horse’s role as the latter’s benefactor.

Those who like wearing bracelets may opt to wear the “Fortune Blooming, Luck Changing” bracelet in order to increase compatibility with “Tai Sui”, improve their fortune, increase protection, and receive the assistance of benefactors in this year of the Dragon.

Personal Fortune

1950 – Tigers born in 1950 will have a rather turbulent year, especially in terms of health. Pay special attention to the liver, gallbladder and respiratory problems. Guard against the recurrence of these diseases. Mostly, Tigers will feel unappreciated, as they seem to be exerting more effort than is proportional to the rewards they get. Money will be difficult to come by this year, and your career will not be very satisfying.

Men born in 1950 will have a healthy, mostly disaster-free year.

Women born in 1950 will have academic successes in the family, although they do need to pay attention to health concerns. Pay special attention to the eyes, brain, and urinary system diseases. Just be attentive to these concerns, and everything will be peaceful.

1962 – This will be a financially difficult year for Tigers, so it’s better to be wary in selecting investments. Don’t engage in speculation in order to avoid bankruptcy. However, benefactors will be present to extend a hand, so Tigers can overcome their difficulties.

Men born in 1962 will find this a generally positive year, with financial windfall and the opportunity to purchase property. However, take care to guard against unscrupulous people who will gossip about you. Health-wise, pay attention to back pains and stomach-related illnesses.

Women born in 1962 will have a few worries to contend with this year, resulting in mental and physical fatigue. This will not be a favorable year for health, so pay special attention to the spleen, stomach, breast, and liver problems. Despite these potential problems, it’s a year that can still turn from bad to good, so take heart.

1974 – Tigers born in 1974 will have a good year ahead, with assistance from some generous benefactors. They will experience great success in both career and wealth fortune. Though you should take the chance and go with the momentum in order to truly succeed, be wary of the jealous and envious people who will create trouble for you on the sly. Avoid unnecessary trouble. Take care of your health, especially when it comes to food hygiene, specifically during February of the lunar calendar.

Men born in 1974 will have a great year. You will enjoy success in your career and could even get a promotion. There is opportunity to buy a car or a home. Health-wise, pay attention to back pains and stomach concerns.

Women born in 1974 won’t have a very good year in their careers, as there will be a lot of unscrupulous detractors blocking their way. It’s important not to fall into the trap and engage in slander. Health-wise, pay attention to respiratory problems, as well as bones and muscles diseases.

1986 – These Tigers will experience a difficult year, with many stumbling blocks in their career and more failures than successes. They must learn to be more prudent with their investments, lest they suffer bankruptcy. Do not be too ambitious, and stay grounded this year. In terms of interpersonal relationships, be serious and avoid flings and promiscuity. This year, 1986 Tigers need to take safety seriously, as there is potential for accidental injuries.

Men born in 1986 won’t have to worry about their physical health. However, they do need to guard against unscrupulous people trying to slander and sabotage them behind their backs.

Women born in 1986 will have a rather fortunate year, but must take care of their health. Pay special attention to eyes, brain, and urinary tract diseases. This year, there may come the temptation to play the field. Behave appropriately towards the opposite sex, and do not destroy yourself for a moment’s desire.

1998 – Tigers born in 1998 will find it easy to be impulsive and emotional in their actions this year, and may even have a rebellious streak revealed. Parents should show more concern and increase interaction with their children by listening to what they have to say.

For youngsters born in 1998, this is the year of potential puppy love and they can be easily distracted from their studies. Parents should take time to speak to their children and discuss the drawbacks of falling in love too early. Do not shout or beat your children, as this is counterproductive and will only incite them to rebel more.


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