2012 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast – The Rooster!

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Date and Time of Birth

1933 February 4 (at 02:55 PM) to 1934 February 4 (at 08:04 PM)
1945 February 4 (at 12:16 PM) to 1946 February 4 (at 06:11 PM)
1957 February 4 (at 09:58 AM) to 1958 February 4 (at 03:56 PM)
1969 February 4 (at 09:08 AM) to 1970 February 4 (at 01:33 PM)
1981 February 4 (at 06:01 AM) to 1982 February 4 (at 11:52 AM)
1993 February 4 (at 03:40 AM) to 1994 February 4 (at 09:30 AM)
2005 February 4 (at 01:29 AM) to 2006 February 4 (at 07:23 AM)

Overall Fortune

2012 is a great year for Roosters. Sweep away the past year’s misfortunes. This year will be filled with joyful events and beautiful opportunities. The Rooster is one of this year’s luckier animal signs. Roosters will find benefactors eager to assist them; as such the year will be smooth sailing in general.

Wealth Fortune

Roosters will have a great year in terms of wealth accumulation. Wise investments are sure to yield massive profits. Just make sure you maintain sound fiscal management, so you will have enough money to pour into suitable investments. However, because of the influence of the “Xiao Hao (Small Losses) Star”, it’s still best to be careful in choosing investments and handling money, as bankruptcy is a possibility.

Career Fortune

At work, Roosters will find that they are highly valued by their superiors, and therefore a promotion could be in the works. Roosters will benefit from the assistance of their elders and benefactors. Success will come from cooperation with others.

Relationship Fortune

For single Roosters, this could be the year they finally find the one for them. They should be able to find the romantic partner they desire. Unfortunately, this same blossoming of the love life can have adverse effects on married and already committed Roosters. Love can make them forget that they’re already committed and get into affairs. The presence of a third party can definitely destroy a marriage.

Health Fortune

The presence of the “Tian Ya (Heaven’s Edge) Star” means Roosters should be wary of unexpected disasters.

Fortune for the Youth

Younger Roosters will find stumbling blocks at work and at school. The high-pressure environment may affect them negatively. However, diligence and the assistance of kind benefactors will help them succeed, with vast rewards. Love should momentarily be put aside, as career is more important and love can be a distraction.

Fortune for Women

Female Roosters won’t have an easy year, thanks to unscrupulous people who may be working to sabotage them. It’s better to keep a low profile to avoid these problems. Health-wise, focus on stomach and breast ailments.

What to do to improve the Future

This is generally a very good year for Roosters. However, the excessively successful love life this year may not be a good thing for married Roosters. To counter the temptations to cheat on one’s spouse and to increase one’s wealth, the “Harmony, Happiness, and Wealth” amulet is highly recommended. The “Harmony, Happiness, and Wealth” amulet contains a spell that counters losses. As such it prevents bankruptcy and shields the user from temptation. Add to this the Five Elements Diagram to counter all misfortune that could befall Roosters. This is because marital bliss is luck that translates into financial success.

Those who like wearing bracelets may opt to wear the “Fortune Blooming, Luck Changing” bracelet in order to increase compatibility with “Tai Sui”, improve their fortune, increase protection, and receive the assistance of benefactors in this year of the Dragon.

Personal Fortune

1945 – Roosters born in 1945 will have a very good year, as everything will simply go their way. Health-wise, they may have to deal with a few minor illnesses, but nothing of major concern.

Men born in 1945 will have good fortune this year, as long as they put harmony at the highest priority. The presence of the “Disease Star” could have negative impact, so do be a bit more careful with the body’s health.

Women born in 1945 will have a more tumultuous year, especially in terms of health. Pay attention to gastrointestinal problems, and try to curb your temper. Injuries could happen this year, so be more careful in your activities. Younger Roosters should pay attention to their elders’ health.

1957 – Roosters born in 1957 will have a very fortunate year ahead, with joyful events and great opportunities to look forward to. Although one may feel pressure at work, this pressure is brought about by positive changes. In terms of love and relationships, marriages will remain peaceful and happy. Health-wise, pay more attention to the health of your elderly loved ones.

Men born in 1957 will see great success in terms of wealth and career. Unfortunately, there will be some problems related to gossip and libelous speech that can lead to legal trouble, so do be careful.

Women born in 1957 won’t have a very smooth year, as villainous people could start gossip that would really affect them negatively. In health, pay more attention to the stomach, uterus, and breast ailments.

1969 – This won’t be an easy year for Roosters born in 1969. They will find a high-pressure environment at work, and various stumbling blocks will appear to hinder them. Roosters may experience mental and emotional fatigue, and they may resort to going through the motions at work. Success requires motivation and hard work. Don’t be pushed by greed. Instead, diligence is key. With your hard work and the assistance of benefactors and the “Tai Sui”, you will see an increase in income and position at work. Pay attention to your marriage, as this year’s healthy “peach blossom” or love life for Roosters can negatively affect those who are already committed. Health-wise, pay attention to ailments of the stomach and digestive tract.

Men born in 1969 should be wary of unscrupulous people seeking to sabotage them at work and steal from them. It’s better to be careful at all times. There will be a few marital problems this year, as there will be a lot of misunderstandings and arguments. Husband and wife should be more caring, trusting and tolerant of one another. In terms of health, pay attention to accidental injuries, shoulder pains, and stomach ailments.

Women born in 1969 should be wary of marital woes this year. The presence of the “San Bi (Three Jade) Star” means this year will have more arguments. Invest your money carefully, as bankruptcy is a possibility. Pay close attention to stomach ailments and back pain.

1981 – For Roosters born in 1981, 2012 is a very fortunate year. With the help of kind benefactors, Roosters will see a great improvement in their career this year. They will also reap significant rewards in terms of wealth. However, since this year has foretold minor losses, it’s still best to be prudent with investments, in order to prevent financial loss and bankruptcy. Single Roosters will have a great year, as this may be the year they finally tie the knot. Don’t miss this opportunity to marry the one fated for you.

Men born in 1981 should be careful to keep a respectful and safe distance away from the opposite sex, as misunderstandings could negatively affect their marriages. This year, gossip will abound, so be careful. Health-wise, lower back pains will be you main concern.

Women born in 1981 won’t have a very smooth year, as villainous people could start gossip that would really affect them negatively. In health, pay more attention to the stomach, uterus, and breast ailments.

1993 – Roosters born in 1993 will experience pressure in their studies and academics, and competition will be fierce. Thankfully, they will find assistance from benefactors at school and will be able to get through these hurdles. It’s better to concentrate on school rather than love, as this distraction can have negative effects. For those who are already employed, you will have a rather difficult year as competition at work makes things difficult. Opportunities are snatched up by others, and it becomes more difficult to save money. But as long as you persevere, benefactors will be there to help you, and you will gain a significant amount of rewards.

Men born in 1993 will have good luck in both career and wealth. There will be some trouble over gossip and libelous speech, however, and this could lead to legal problems. Be more careful in your words and actions.

Women born in 1993 won’t have a very smooth year, as they could be sabotaged and framed up by unscrupulous people. So this year, observe more and speak less. Keep a low profile. Health-wise, pay attention to stomach and spleen problems.


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