2012 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast – The Rat!

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Date and Time of Birth

1924 February 5 (at 09:57 AM) to 1925 February 4 (at 04:22 PM)
1936 February 5 (at 07:39 AM) to 1937 February 4 (at 01:26 PM)
1948 February 5 (at 05:49 AM) to 1949 February 4 (at 11:30 AM)
1960 February 5 (at 03:24 AM) to 1961 February 4 (at 09:26 AM)
1972 February 5 (at 01:28 AM) to 1973 February 4 (at 07:20 AM)
1984 February 4 (at 11:29 PM) to 1985 February 4 (at 09:09 AM)
1996 February 4 (at 09:13 PM) to 1997 February 4 (at 03:00 AM)
2008 February 4 (at 07:00 PM) to 2009 February 4 (at 00:45 AM)

Overall Fortune

It’s a great year ahead for people born in the year of the Rat. 2011 was a rather difficult and turbulent year for Rats, but things are about to change. Rats will have good fortune in terms of their wealth and career, and can be considered one of the more fortunate signs this year.

Wealth Fortune

People born under the Rat sign will enjoy much success in their careers this year, and therefore will enjoy better fortune and growth in terms of material wealth. Opportunities for wealth will double this year, but take care to save up as good fortune can change easily.

Career Fortune

Since the Rat is compatible with the year’s main animal sign, people born under this sign will experience good fortune in academics and in their professional life. There will be much room for growth this year, and will receive help from benefactors so that they may succeed in their careers, become more productive, and find everything smooth sailing.

Relationship Fortune

With regards to relationships, this will be the year for Rats to take friendship with the opposite sex to the next level. Interpersonal interaction will be smooth, and the Rat’s love life will blossom. Rats will find themselves pursued by the opposite sex more; those who are single may finally meet the one and get married this year. On the downside, Rats this year are more easily influenced by wine and lust, and could be a lot more careless in terms of their relationships with the opposite sex. Those who are already married should be more careful, and direct all their attention towards their spouses.

Health Fortune

The “Tomb Star” over the Rat sign can mean disasters in terms of health and lawsuits. This means that older Rats should take care of their health to avoid hospitalization. Take special note of cardiovascular and blood-related diseases.

Fortune for the Youth

Youngsters should avoid physical altercations and hateful speech, lest they be hauled to jail. Under the influence of the “White Tiger” star, people born under the Rat sign should try to avoid all forms of violence (gossip and libelous speech included), so be more patient in handling matters. Do not be arrogant or belligerent, in order to avoid disasters.

Fortune for Women

Female rats won’t have a particularly smooth sailing year, but will find benefactors to help them through the year’s difficulties. Avoid verbal altercations with unscrupulous people, as these could cause injuries and even bankruptcy. In terms of health, pay special attention to gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases. Younger female Rats should not be taken in by admirers and would do well to focus on their studies instead.

What to do to improve the Future

Even though the influence of the “White Tiger” star that causes injuries, fights, and libelous speech might not be entirely avoidable, the Rat’s positive relationship with this year’s “Tai Sui” may still bring good luck. Wear a “Gods Pendant” in order to help improve one’s fortune. The “Gods Pendant” contains a spell that counters the “White Tiger” star, therefore counteracting the possible misfortunes that the “White Tiger” star can cause. Apart from this, another option is the Five Elements Diagram, focusing on the elements that match the Rat’s year of birth, in order to increase their good luck and minimize disasters. A display of the Monkey god plus the pendant should give the Rat great wealth.

Those who like wearing bracelets may opt to wear the “Fortune Blooming, Luck Changing” bracelet in order to increase compatibility with “Tai Sui”, improve their fortune, increase protection, and receive the assistance of benefactors in this year of the Dragon.

Personal Fortune

1948 – Take care of your health, and pay special attention to the heart, the circulatory system, and the eyes. See doctors regularly for checkups and take preventive measures to guard against misfortune. Thanks to the general good fortune of Rats this year, health issues can be avoided as long as you take preventative steps and take care of yourself.

Men born in 1948 will find great fortune this year, but should be more wary of libelous speech and violent altercations.

Women born in 1948 won’t be as fortunate, and must take care against physical injuries, accidents, and stomach problems. On the upside, benefactors will appear to help you through this year’s problems and improve your fortune.

1960 – Rats born in this year will find good fortune and increase their wealth. However, due to this year’s “Tai Sui”, do be careful in your actions and don’t go overboard lest you encounter disaster. In terms of relationships, male Rats may find themselves in a relationship with a third party, leading to divorce. As such, husband and wife should be mutually understanding and patient, in order to avoid marital problems.

Men born in 1960 should guard against worries, health problems and vertebral pains.

Women born in 1960 won’t have a very smooth sailing year, and should not engage in verbal altercations. Be wary of money problems. In terms of health, pay special attention to gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases.

1972 – 2012 will be very favorable for Rats born in this year, and they will experience great fortune in terms of wealth and career. Rats should take care not to neglect their marital relationships, however, as neglecting your spouse could lead to discord.

Men born in 1972 won’t have a very smooth sailing year. Those who are married should take care to remain virtuous lest their actions affect their marriage. In terms of wealth, be careful in choosing investments to avoid bankruptcy. Take care and set aside some rest time to protect your health. Lower back pains are a possibility this year.

Women born in 1972 may find themselves in altercations with unscrupulous people. Take steps to avoid verbal altercations, bankruptcy, and injuries. In terms of health, pay special attention to gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases.

1984 – This is a good year for Rats born in 1984. Rats will experience a highly favorable year, and will receive great returns in terms of wealth, relationships, and careers.

Men born in 1984 will have good fortune in wealth and career, but should guard against getting drawn into physical confrontations and lawsuits. Refrain from being belligerent when dealing with issues.

Women born in 1984 won’t have a smooth sailing year. They may find themselves in altercations with unscrupulous people. Take steps to avoid verbal altercations, bankruptcy, and injuries. In terms of health, pay special attention to gastrointestinal and gynecological diseases.

1996 – Rats born in 1996 may find themselves in altercations with unscrupulous people. It’s a high-pressure year and things will just seem to go wrong for no reason. But since Rats are generally in good fortune this year, they will find benefactors to help them get through this year’s problems as long as they exert effort to succeed. Students need only to concentrate and study hard in order to get good grades. Girls should not be swayed by puppy love, as this could negatively affect their studies.

Men born in 1996 should guard against injuries and accidents.

Women born in 1996 will find themselves pursued by the opposite sex, but should take care not to be fooled and taken in by sweet words. It would be better to focus on studies.


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