2012 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast – The Goat!

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Date and Time of Birth

1931 February 5 (at 02:41 AM) to 1932 February 5 (at 08:26 AM)
1943 February 5 (at 00:41 AM) to 1944 February 5 (at 06:22 AM)
1955 February 4 (at 10:18 PM) to 1956 February 5 (at 04:10 AM)
1967 February 4 (at 08:24 PM) to 1968 February 5 (at 02:17 AM)
1979 February 4 (at 06:13 PM) to 1980 February 5 (at 00:11 AM)
1991 February 4 (at 04:19 PM) to 1992 February 4 (at 09:53 PM)
2003 February 4 (at 02:02 PM) to 2004 February 4 (at 07:51 PM)

Overall Fortune

Goats will experience an average year in terms of luck. Initially, the year would’ve been a lot worse, as Goats may fall victim to a variety of thievery. Goats may be robbed of their wealth, luck, marriage, and even the good spirits that protect them. Thanks to the “Tai Sui”, however, Goats will have a more balanced year in terms of fortune.

Due to the presence of the “Curled Tongue Star” and the “Widowed Star”, Goats will find themselves in a lot of verbal conflicts with co-workers, friends, and even family members. As such, they may fall target to the evil plans of unscrupulous people, and become victims of disaster. So this year, be more cautious in words and actions, and do not succumb to temptation to do the wrong things. Be more low-key in your actions, and do not be too aggressive in pursuit of victory, as unscrupulous people will get envious and seek to cause you trouble.

Wealth Fortune

The influence of the “Harmonious Six Star” means that this will be a good year for finance. You will experience success in your investments and mergers, but must remain careful of gossip and libelous speech.

Career Fortune

Be wary of proposed cooperation at work, and always be aware of your own actions. Since this is the year of verbal tussles, try to steer clear of gossip and libelous speech at work. Although this might not be an ideal year, Goats will find help from kind benefactors during times of trouble.

Relationship Fortune

In terms of relationships, the presence of the “Widowed Star” means this won’t be a very ideal year for relationships. A lot of the people you meet will be mere acquaintances and true relationships won’t really blossom this year. Let destiny guide you, and don’t try to force anything.

Health Fortune

Pay particular attention to your stomach and digestive system, and try to not overeat. This will increase the difficulties of the digestive system, and could cause more problems in the long run.

Fortune for the Youth

Younger Goats will have a relatively good year ahead, thanks to the assistance of the “Tai Sui”. It won’t be a fruitful year for relationships, though, and young Goats should focus on their school and health instead.

Fortune for Women

Generally speaking, female Goats will have a smooth year ahead, but should pay attention to their health, especially heart problems, high blood pressure, and gastrointestinal ailments. Married female Goats should take care to behave appropriately with colleagues of the opposite sex, as this could be misconstrued and negatively affect their marriages.

What to do to improve the Future

Since the Goat is compatible with the “Tai Sui” and has the influence of the lucky “Harmonious Six Star”, they will be quite fortunate in terms of wealth accumulation this year. Unfortunately, the presence of the “Curled Tongue Star” and “Widowed Star” causes easy provocation of verbal altercations and gossip. It is recommended that Goats utilize the “Seventh Earthly Branch of Harmony, Happiness, and Wealth” amulet in order to counter the negative factors. The “Seventh Earthly Branch of Harmony, Happiness, and Wealth” has a “resolution” spell that can prevent the “Harmonious Six” star from becoming negative instead of a positive influence. Add a Five Elements Diagram that coincides with the Goat’s birth year in order to counteract this year’s misfortune. The Horse and the “Harmonious Six” star together can prevent the loss of fortune and thievery.

Those who like wearing bracelets may opt to wear the “Fortune Blooming, Luck Changing” bracelet in order to increase compatibility with “Tai Sui”, improve their fortune, increase protection, and receive the assistance of benefactors in this year of the Dragon.

Personal Fortune

1943 – Goats born in 1943 will have an average year. Due to the presence of the “White Tiger Star”, however, Goats must be wary of accidental injuries, and must be cautious when conducting high-risk activities.

Men born in 1943 must pay attention to safety this year. Be careful not to incur injuries, bumps, wounded limbs, and spinal pain. Do pay more attention to the health of the young ones at home.

Women born in 1943 should focus on the health of their heart and blood pressure.

1955 – 2012 is a good year for Goats born in 1955. However, since this is a year of thievery, Goats may find their fortune stolen, and should therefore be wary in their investments, so as not to lose their wealth. In terms of health, pay attention to the liver, gallbladder, stomach, and the four limbs.

Men born in 1955 should remember to be careful in their actions and guard against bankruptcy. This year, pay attention to heart problems, dizziness, joint pains, and respiratory ailments.

Women born in 1955 will have a troubled year, health-wise. Focus on the heart, brain, and blood pressure.

1967 – This year will see good fortune mainly due to the assistance of the “Tai Sui”. Goats will have a great success in their career and in accumulating wealth. Health-wise, the important parts to look after are the heart and the digestive tract. In terms of relationships, you may end up neglecting your partner due to your business or career.

Men born in 1967 will have a rather fortunate year, but should guard against gossip and libelous speech.

Women born in 1967 will have a smooth year ahead, especially in business and career related concerns. However, relationships with colleagues of the opposite sex can adversely affect their marriages so do take note. In the health department, pay attention to diseases of the heart, high blood pressure, dizziness, and gastrointestinal problems.

1979 – Goats born in 1979 will have an average year ahead, but may experience increased pressure at work. They may find a lot of stumbling blocks hindering them as well. But this year, kind benefactors will appear to assist them, especially in developing their careers. However, do remember that villainous people are waiting and will try to cause trouble subtly. Health-wise, pay attention to gastrointestinal problems. This is not a good year for relationships, and married Goats should brace themselves for a bumpy year of marital problems.

Men born in 1979 will find a lot of stumbling blocks and villainous people hindering them this year. Be careful in choosing your investments. Pay attention to bone, muscle, and joint pains.

Women born in 1979 will have a relatively smooth year, but should be careful in following traffic rules. Also, take care to avoid bumps and other injuries.

1991 – This birth year is susceptible to thievery this year. Goats born in 1991 may find themselves locked in stiff competition and will experience great pressure at work. This won’t be a great year for new relationships, and it will be difficult to find the right romantic partner. Focus on work instead. The best thing to do is to maintain a positive attitude and remain calm. Since this year won’t be very smooth, things won’t go your way easily. Pay attention to you respiratory system, and take note of head injuries.

2003 – Goats born in 2003 will experience assistance from the “Tai Sui”, leading to a fortunate and ideal year.


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