2012 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast – The Dragon!

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Date and Time of Birth

1928 February 5 (at 09:15 AM) to 1929 February 4 (at 03:19 PM)
1940 February 5 (at 07:03 AM) to 1941 February 4 (at 12:53 PM)
1952 February 5 (at 04:59 AM) to 1953 February 4 (at 10:49 AM)
1964 February 5 (at 03:06 AM) to 1965 February 4 (at 08:49 AM)
1976 February 5 (at 00:44 AM) to 1977 February 4 (at 06:37 AM)
1988 February 4 (at 10:52 PM) to 1989 February 4 (at 04:35 AM)
2000 February 4 (at 08:31 PM) to 2001 February 4 (at 02:21 AM)

Overall Fortune

The Dragon sign is this year’s “Tai Sui”, and as such the year will be equal parts good and bad. It’s best to be patient and refrain from coming on too aggressive. Don’t make any large-scale investments this year. Maintain a positive attitude towards other people, and listen to what they have to say. This year’s “Tai Sui” position makes it easy to get into conflict. A strong competitor will appear to make career growth difficult. Married Dragons should guard against the presence of third parties. Overall, safety should be the top priority for Dragons. Thankfully, this year’s zodiac cycle means that Dragons may meet a benefactor who will help them through these difficulties, turning misfortune into good fortune.

Wealth Fortune

To avoid a financial crisis, be sure to invest your money wisely. Don’t make any blind investments and think twice before taking any steps. Due to the influence of the “Blade Star” and the “Corpse Star”, the Dragon’s wealth fortune this year will take a serious hit.

Career Fortune

Although there will be a lot of good news this year, only a few of them will actually find fruition. Dragons may feel underappreciated and that all their efforts are futile. A new competitor will appear, making any career advancement difficult. It’s also easy to get into conflict with colleagues this year.

Relationship Fortune

This year, be wary of committing libelous speech, especially since Dragons may find themselves in a lot of conflicts. It can be rather easy for Dragons to suffer emotional problems this 2012.

Health Fortune

In health, Dragons should focus on stomach, spleen, skin, and circulatory system problems. Due to the presence of the “Blade Star” and the “Corpse Star”, Dragons should prioritize safety and try to avoid accidental injuries.

Fortune for the Youth

Younger Dragons will feel much pressure to perform well academically, possibly causing them to weaken physically. They may feel weak and tired, as well as unable to focus on school. Parents should be ready to guide these young ones.

Fortune for Women

The year will be a mix of good and bad fortune for female Dragons. Health must take priority, as always. In relationships, women should behave appropriately towards friends of the opposite sex, lest this incite jealousy and misunderstandings with their spouses.

What to do to improve the Future

Since the Dragon is this year’s “Tai Sui”, the year ahead will be quite difficult. It’s always better to be low-key than attract trouble. Dragons should keep their heads down, work hard, and speak little. It is recommended that Dragons use the power of the “Shen Zi Tai Sui Protection” charm to counteract this year’s misfortunes. The “Shen Zi Tai Sui Protection” charm contains a “Tai Sui” spell that can prevent the dangers facing Dragons this year. A Five Elements Diagram (should focus on the elements collaborating with the user’s birth year) can help counter bad luck. Gold Monkey and Water Rat displays can work like charms by coordinating with the Dragon sign, creating a compatible trio. This will help the Dragons increase their chances of good fortune and minimize possible dangers.

Those who like wearing bracelets may opt to wear the “Fortune Blooming, Luck Changing” bracelet in order to increase compatibility with “Tai Sui”, improve their fortune, increase protection, and receive the assistance of benefactors in this year of the Dragon.

Personal Fortune

1952 – This year won’t be very smooth sailing for Dragons born in 1952. There will be much to lament about at home, and Dragons should take time to care for the health of elderly members of the family. In terms of wealth, don’t be so rash in investing, as there is the possibility of getting robbed or ending up broke.

Men born in 1952 won’t have an easy time improving their career or wealth situation. Health-wise, take care of your heart, liver, gallbladder, spine, and four limbs.

Women born in 1952 will have a smooth year ahead, but will have to pay particular attention to their health, especially their brain, heart, and eyes.

1964 – Dragons born in 1964 won’t have an easy time. Work will be demanding, and yet a lot of stumbling blocks are in place to prevent career development. The lunar months of February, March, and September will be particularly negative on Dragons’ health and careers, so pay attention. Fortunately, in the midst of misfortune, there will be pockets of good luck.

Men born in 1964 should take care of their health, especially as they may suffer from dizziness, headaches, and other similar problems of the brain. Also take note of cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure. Guard against engaging in gossip.

Women born in 1964 will not have a good year in terms of wealth and career. Health-wise, they should pay attention to dizziness, headaches, eye problems, and respiratory diseases.

1976 – For Dragons born in 1976, the year in general won’t be very auspicious. There will be a lot of stumbling blocks in their professional lives. Dragons need to be careful in their investments and joint businesses, as they could end up with legal trouble. Read the contract fine print carefully and don’t let neglect and carelessness cause serious misfortunes.

A lot of unscrupulous people are present this year, so Dragons should not be gullible and easily swayed lest they be deceived. Because of the “Blade Star” influence, be sure to take care while driving and follow the traffic rules. Don’t drink and drive, because one moment’s mistake could be fatal.

Men born in 1976 will see changes in their careers. A promotion or a new job may be in the works. However, take care not to break the law, as legal troubles may soon follow. Take care of diseases related to breathing, the spine, liver, and gallbladder.

Women born in 1976 should be wary of verbal altercations with their spouses. Behave properly with friends of the opposite sex so as not to affect your marriage through misunderstandings. Health-wise, focus on brain-related problems, such as headaches and dizziness.

1988 – Initially, this year should have been a great one for Dragons, as it is ample opportunity to pursue wealth. However, due to this year’s “Tai Sui”, it’s best not to be too aggressive as staying low-key is much better to avoid attracting unwanted trouble. So for 1988 Dragons: proceed with caution and think things through before making any decision. Ask for assistance and try to learn more. Be humble, lest you fall into traps set by unscrupulous people. In your career, be passive rather than aggressive. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and don’t say more than you have to. The most important thing is to keep the status quo. Investments should be pushed to the next year in order to prosper. This year is not ideal for relationships; should you fall in love, remain calm and do not be obsessed as you may end up losing physically and financially. In the end, you’ll be the one hurt. Health-wise, take care to avoid accidental injuries and pay attention to your hands and feet.

Men born in 1988 won’t have any serious changes in their wealth and career. In health, pay special attention to bones and limbs. Observe traffic rules to avoid bloody accidents.

Women born in 1988 will have a relatively smooth year.

2000 – These young Dragons may find themselves lacking in energy and unable to concentrate when it comes to their studies. They may feel pressured and things won’t exactly go smooth for them this year. These Dragons need guidance from their parents. At the same time, parents should know that the kids can’t take any more pressure, and that it would not be wise to have children fall ill just because of the demands of academic performance.


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