The Dos and Don’ts of Feng Shui

Living in accordance with the proper application of feng shui simply means one should try to find a balance between man and nature. It’s all about harmony, so any form of disruption, disturbance or ill-ease can be problematic for people living within a particular home.

To ensure that you’re building and living in a harmonious home, take note of the following dos and don’ts from feng shui.

  1. Avoid clutter, especially in the living room. The living room is essentially the center of your home, since this is where the entire family congregates. Clutter disrupts the flow of Qi and the overall balance of your home.
  2. Keep a clean kitchen. The kitchen should be positioned in the East, Southeast and the Northern side of the home. Placing it in the northwest can affect the overall health of the patriarch of the family. More importantly, the kitchen is the center of the family’s wealth and fortune, so it should always be kept spic and span.
  3. The bedroom should be smaller than the living room, as this improves closeness within the family. The smaller size encourages harmonious Qi.
  4. Doors should not be facing windows, toilets or balconies. A door facing windows will encourage your young children to think of nothing but escaping outside, thereby ignoring their studies. The balcony, as well, is key. A door facing the balcony means your heart is not “at home”, and this can influence your marital relations, your children’s performance at school and can even slowdown your career advancement.
  5. Do not place the toilet in Northwest side of your home.

These are very interesting instructions, simple and basic yet helpful for those who are new to feng shui. But what to do when your house is already built, and these don’ts are already present? This doesn’t mean that you and your family are “doomed”.


One of the key principles of feng shui is that it can always be altered, even when involving things such as actual construction. As such, even problems like having your toilet in the northwestern side of your home can still be remedied without having to knock walls down and rebuild.

If for example, one’s home has the main door facing the toilet or the balcony directly, a good solution is to place a partition or some form of decoration (even a few potted plants) that will block the view from the door to the toilet or to the balcony. This serves to break the “contact” between the two and resolves the feng shui problem. Should there be not enough space between your room’s door and the toilet door for a partition, hang a nature painting on the toilet door to improve the general atmosphere and counter its negative effects.

There are still solutions, even for seemingly difficult feng shui problems like having your toilet or kitchen in the northwest of your home. One trick is to display a gold gourd in your kitchen, or a large cactus plant in your toilet. Additionally, you can display a dragon turtle behind your stove to improve your Qi.

As you can see, the seemingly innocuous items you display in your house can actually affect your luck. Display stone lions (Fu Dogs) facing your door to protect your home from evil. Grotesque masks and mounted heads of vicious animals should not be displayed in the living room, as they bring negative qi. Instead, display auspicious paintings like those that show three sheep, nine fishes, hundred birds in flight or a hundred horses.

Other helpful charms that improve your luck include displaying a fish tank in your living room. Water is wealth. However, displaying the tank in the incorrect place can have the opposite effect, so make sure that the tank is displayed in the correct direction. A lucky charm can be used by single men to improve their financial status, but it is also suitable for married couples. The charm should be displayed in the bathroom, due to the proximity to water and its significance to financial luck.

Displaying copper sheep statues can help avert illnesses in your family. It can also help you avoid financial disasters. The commonly known “bagua” mirror is also useful to defend your home from evil spirits. The mirror on the “bagua” reflects away the disasters that could befall your home. The mirror should only be placed outside of the home, never inside.

These are but simple and basic information to guide you as you continue to learn more and practice the art and science of feng shui.

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