2011 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast - The Dragon!

chinese zodiac 2011 dragon

Year (and time) of Birth

February 5, 1928 (9:15 AM) to February 4, 1929 (3:19 PM)

February 5, 1940 (7:03 AM) to February 4, 1941 (12:53 PM)

February 5, 1952 (4:59 AM) to February 4, 1953 (10:49 AM)

February 5, 1964 (3:06 AM) to February 4, 1965 (8:49 AM)

February 5, 1976 (12:44 AM) to February 4, 1977 (6:37 AM)

February 4, 1988 (10:52 PM) to February 4, 1989 (4:35 AM)

February 4, 2000 (8:31 PM) to February 4, 2001 (2:21 AM)

General Forecast for 2011

The Dragon will experience a difficult year ahead. You may be susceptible to illnesses, injuries, untoward accidents concerning loved ones, and career instability. All these make for a problematic 2011. Miscommunication with others is very probable, so be cautious with what you say. Try to build positive relationships and improve interaction with your friends so that at the worst points of the year, you may receive generous aid. This could be helpful in making the Rabbit year much more smooth sailing for you. A third party may come between couples and cause family discord, so this year remember to be more considerate of your partner and guard against negative effects. You may experience some slight illnesses this year, so do take time to rest and regulate your mind.

Your score: 55 points


Dragons will experience misfortune in terms of wealth this year. Investment losses or health costs will lead to a significant loss of money. The economy will cause some concern, but do not allow greed to lead you to indulge in gambling or speculative investments. Always think twice especially when it concerns unnecessary expenses. Save as much as you can.

Your score: 70 points


This year, you will encounter unfamiliar new projects that could take you by surprise. As such, put in more effort into completing these projects, otherwise they can take quite a toll on you. On behalf of your bosses, remember the adage “never fight a war for which you have not prepared”, as this will only lead to too much effort that yields no positive results. However, as long as you consider all aspects and make the necessary preparations for the project, expect to achieve extraordinary results.

Your score: 72 points


Don’t expect a relationship to bloom this year, and look forward to some alone time. Those who are in a relationship will feel that their partner is growing a little “cold” and could lead to a love crisis. It is very easy for this development to lead to a “cold war”. It is necessary to improve communications and show more concern for your beloved. For those who are single, the chance to fall in love isn’t very high but don’t worry, fate will bring you happiness in due time.

Your score: 71 points


Dragons are prone to gastrointestinal problems this year, so pay attention to your diet. Eat your meals on time. As the old saying goes: “illnesses enter the body through the mouth”. Be cautious when out and about. Try to avoid accidents and stay humble to avoid conflicts.

Your score: 75 points

Special Forecast for the Youth

Younger Dragons will have a good school year with admirable academic performance, but remember not to be arrogant. Humility helps a man progress, arrogance does nothing but pull a man down.

Your score: 80 points

Special Forecast for Women

Female Dragons should do their best to avoid problems at work, as well as emotional problems brought to you by family and friends. Put more energy into maintaining your home and be reasonable in your financial management so as to avoid wastage.

Your score: 76 points

Tips to Improve your Fortune

Misunderstandings, minor illnesses and career fluctuations are some of the problems plaguing Dragons this 2011. A red charm can be quite helpful in improving your situation. The “Phoenix and Crane Dance Together” charm should be displayed in the southeast part of your home to improve your fortunes in the career and health department. Wear a matching “Phoenix and Crane” pendant to double the effect.

Dragons can further improve their career fortune by displaying a “God of Wealth” charm at home or in the office. With this charm you can expect an improvement in your fortunes, assistance from a kindly benefactor, and opportunities for career progress.

Display a “Wealth and Abundance” charm in your home, office or business premises to increase your wealth. This charm will bring you to the path of financial gain.

The “Double Happiness” charm placed in your home can help stabilize your emotions and increase the affection between husband and wife. Those who are single can also display this charm in their homes to increase their chance to meet potential partners. If displayed in the office, the charm is helpful in enhancing your popularity in the workplace.

The “Double Lotus of Health and Long Life” should be displayed in the bedroom to improve your physical health and minimize illnesses, giving you a happy and peaceful life.

Forecast for Specific “Dragon” Years

Born in 1952: The year ahead is relatively fortunate for you, although you do have to take care during the lunar months of February, March and September.

Born in 1964: You will meet obstacles and difficulties in your career. Pay attention to your liver, gallbladder, eyes, limbs and neurological system as they may be beset with illness in 2011. The worst months for your health are lunar July and October.

Born in 1976: You may experience some trouble in your health and career relations. Be particularly wary of the lunar months of March, July and September.

Born in 1988: Your health will suffer this year, and you may get embroiled in legal battles and lawsuits. You will find your wealth fortune quite diminished, so take particular care to adhere to the letter of the law.

Born in 2000: This year is fortunate for your academic performance and your health. Other aspects are equally positive.

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3 comments to 2011 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast – The Dragon!

  • Chineseperson

    I hope things get better for us dragons next yr.

  • SK

    I am a dragon and 2011 was a horrendous year for me, especially in terms of my career…it was an extra sting since 2010 was so good…let’s hope for a better 2012.

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