2011 Chinese Zodiac Sign Fortune Forecast - The Ox!

chinese zodiac ox

Year (and time) of Birth

February 4, 1925 (4:22 PM) to February 4, 1926 (11:14 PM)

February 4, 1937 (1:26 PM) to February 4, 1938 (7:16 PM)

February 4, 1949 (11:30 AM) to February 4, 1950 (5:22 PM)

February 4, 1961 (9:26 AM) to February 4, 1962 (3:16 PM)

February 4, 1973 (7:20 AM) to February 4, 1974 (1:03 PM)

February 4, 1985 (5:09 AM) to February 4, 1986 (11:14 AM)

February 4, 1997 (3:00 AM) to February 4, 1998 (8:47 AM)

General Forecast for 2011

Given the generally unfavorable forecast for this year, people born under the year of the Ox will face adversities along the way. You should be more vigilant of what you say this year, as your words may lead to lawsuits. Take care to remain law-abiding in your actions; do not let greed rule your decisions. When signing contracts, be sure to read the content thoroughly and do not take these lightly. This way you can be sure to minimize potential legal problems.

Your romantic life will encounter a few ups and downs, but try to remain patient and attentive to each other’s needs so that your relationship can continue in harmony. Your health may suffer, so pay attention to your personal hygiene and dietary choices. Men born under the sign of the Ox should make an effort to smoke less and minimize their alcohol intake.

Your score: 69 points


You can maintain your present wealth status quo by focusing more on your own work and minding your own business. Try to network and improve interpersonal relations. Be cautious in managing your finances; avoid making speculative and risky investments to avoid bankruptcy. The lunar months of April, August and November will be quite lucky for you. Put in the necessary hard work, make a small investment and await the benefits you deserve.

Your score: 71 points


Your career path will be relatively steady this year, with no unexpected setbacks or improvements. Just remember to stay focused on your responsibilities and seek advice from others while gaining experience in preparation for better opportunities next year.

Your score: 70 points


Your love life will experience ups and downs in 2011. Although you may come across a few potential lovers, expect no long-term relationships this year. Most of your attempts at connecting this year will have the passion fizzle out before love becomes deep enough. Moreover, those born in the year of the Ox will have high expectations for love and relationships this 2011, resulting in brief and regretful flings during trips overseas.

Your score: 72 points


Pay special attention to your eyes, nose, throat and other parts commonly affected by infectious diseases. Maintain good personal hygiene and healthy eating habits to avoid gastrointestinal problems. Take care to minimize your alcohol intake as well.

Your score: 69 points

Special Forecast for the Youth

You may find yourself the target of negativity in school this year, but stay honest and maintain good relations with people to counteract this. If someone makes malicious attacks against your person, try to respond in a gentle rather than combative manner. Your academic performance will be so-so this year. Apply yourself to get ahead.

Your score: 73 points

Special Forecast for Women

You will experience good health this year, but still remember to pay attention to your eating habits, especially in the fast approaching summer. “Ox” women will experience a lot of drama in their love lives this year, so beware of over-sentimentality that could lead to misunderstandings in the relationship.

Your score: 78 points

Tips to Improve your Fortune

This year, people born under the year of the Ox face a variety of adversities such as poor health and career-related problems. Use a black charm to improve your fortune. The “Luck Monkey” charm can be displayed in the northeast area of your home or office to improve your luck, minimize obstacles and increase your positive reputation. Wearing a complementary “Luck Monkey” pendant should double the effect.

To succeed in business in the year of the Rabbit, “Ox” people should place a “Golden Crowing Rooster” charm in their home or office. This will help improve their fortune, especially in career advancement.

To improve your financial status, display a “Fish for Every Year” charm in your home, office or business premises. This encourages the growth of your wealth, as well as the elimination of obstacles hindering your monetary gains and progress.

To minimize emotional upheavals in your marital relationship, place a “United Hearts of Dragon and Phoenix” charm in the bedroom. This will bring long-term harmony, wealth and happiness to your life.

To protect your health, display a “Lucky Life” charm in your home. This improves the qi in your home and gives you longevity. Increased vitality gives you a more robust attitude towards work and your personal life. You will enjoy a creative and fruitful life, achieving the longevity and luck of the deities.

Forecast for Specific “Ox” Years

Born in 1949: The year in general is not very positive for the Ox born in 1949. Don’t go into risky or speculative investments, and protect yourself from the manipulation of others.

Born in 1961: A good part of your income will be spent healing unwell parts of your body, compounded by problems and obstacles in your career path. Take particular care during the lunar months of January, February, May and June.

Born in 1973: Despite the generally negative forecast for this year, Ox born in 1973 will have relatively good fortune. Still, take care in May and June, as these can be harmful, conflict-filled and difficult for the stomach and the body. People who drink alcohol should be particularly wary, as this vice may cause illnesses. Those seeking financial improvement should take care of their health first. Health is wealth.

Born in 1985: The year will be quite good for you, despite the general mantle of misfortune over other Ox people. The year will be relatively unproductive and it will be difficult to make a difference.

Born in 1997: The year is unfavorable for the academics, and you must look for a way to counteract it.

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