Female Chinese Manga Artist Xia Da Gains Popularity In Japan

Recently Xia Da (夏达), a Chinese manga artist, became popular in Asia, especially in Japan and China. Other than her delicate cartoon works, her popularity could also be attributed to her innocent and attractive image. Born in 1981, her look is much younger than her real age.

Xia Da


Xia Da began drawing cartoon and publishing her work when she was in high school. In 2008, her work Zi Bu Yu (子不语)* was awarded the gold medal in the 5th Golden Dragon Award. In 2009, Zi Bu Yu was strongly recommended by both a noted Japanese cartoonist Matsui Eimoto (松井荣元) and Shigeki Yukio (茂木行雄), the chief editor of the largest publisher in Japan, Shueisha Inc. As of now, Zi Bu Yu has been published in the top Japanese cartoon magazine Ultra Jump for more than a year. Zi Bu Yu is the first original manga created by a Chinese artist, and entered into the Japanese market with popularity.

Zi Bu Yu tells a story that entails many Chinese traditional cultures. A nine year old girl moves into a mountain with her parents; she watches the world from a kid’s perspective. The story conveys a theme that people should respect others and the nature. A Chinese cartoonist, Yao Fei La (姚非拉) described Zi Bu Yu as a really touching and inspiring story; although it’s a serious topic, Xia Da handled it well in a genuine and pure way. Another Japanese cartoonist Kinjoo (金城) said Zi Bu Yu is a Chinese story with a Japanese artistic expression.

zi bu yu


During the time Zi Bu Yu was published in Ultra Jump, Xia Da did not gain much publicity. Only until recently, when her pictures were shown online, she immediately became Japanese’s favorite. Her fans think she is prettier than many movie stars. Yao Fei La, who helped published Zi Bu Yu, said the wide publicity of Xia Da because of the exposed photos is not what they originally wanted. However, if this helps Zi Bu Yu getting more audience and let more people understand the tremendous effort Xia Da put on her work, this publicity can turn out to be a gift.


Source: people.com, xinhuanet

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15 comments to Female Chinese Manga Artist Xia Da Gains Popularity In Japan

  • Eternal

    What.. What..

    How can her eyes emanate such pureness though she is 28 years old?

    Perhaps the pure face does not elope with time, but surely, the purity of heart does rust.

  • snowball

    Picture can be deceiving sometimes. Let me see if I can find a video of her and post it here.

  • sunrock

    Actually, those pictures were taken recently and she does look the same as you see in the picture. Well, her skin looks a little bit darker than the picture shows here, i think it because the long working hour of a manga artist. Overall she is a quite girl who enojoyed drawing mange.
    Anyway, how she looks does not really matter, her works are great.

  • snowball

    It’s not easy to find her comics here in the US, but I would love to read one

  • she’s cute~~><she realy 28 years old??!!

  • seda

    she’s 28 and an otaku to boot……but those eyes…i guess this is what people call being captivated

  • Zero

    She took those photo with her friend 2 years ago and just for fun, she will more respect people who adore her job than her appearance. That was she said on her blog.

  • can anyone give me her true fb and blog link please?
    there is too many fakers

  • bubu

    Lol you can’t get her facebook, Facebook is blocked in China so she won’t use that… plus once in one of her “afterword” for Zi Bu Yu she said she rarely goes online or uses technology except for drawing. O.O She’s a unique person to the soul!! Seriously, you have to read her writing. She sounds so insightful and wise. Sigh, how can anyone be this perfect? She’s so talented… and pretty (how is she almost 30?!)… smart to boot! Someone told me they saw her interviewed on a TV show in China and she looks exactly that young and pretty. So no, the pictures aren’t fake.

  • ikhsan

    i think, she is really younger and i want her secret to always young

  • Ho Chang

    It’s good know the talent young artist’s works to vitalize the lost Chinese culture.

  • keroppi

    is there any nude picture of her? because i believe that she is sick person, as in genetic flaw. that is why she look like 15 when she is 30. if she strip, i believe u can see that her body has flaws, such as she is only bones. i say this because i have friend just like this. she look like schoolgirl, but if she is naked, u can see her figures in not normal, and u can see bones, as in she not have enough meat. with cloth on, she is cute like lolita.

  • kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    she looks like a vampire co’z physically she’s PERFECT!!!

  • Rosa

    I’m a 13-year-old girl from China. I love April very much. The pictures in her books are really beautiful! And her writing is really nice!

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