Founder Of Goojje, Google's Chinese Copycat, Speaks

Goojje Google's Copycat

When nationwide attention was drawn by Google pulling out of China, Goojje, a Chinese copycat of Google, was created. As a search engine focusing on entertainment, Goojje has been gaining popularity in China.

Goojje has an identical web interface as Google, even the name is also very similar. Google’s Chinese name “谷歌”, literally means “Song of Goo” and sounds like “Brother Goo” in Chinese. Goojjee, on the other hand, means “Sister Goo”, “谷姐” in Chinese.

If you look at Goojje’s front page carefully, the sentence under the logo says: brother stays for sister; brother still has a crush on sister, which supposedly implies the relationship between Google and Goojje.

On Jan 14, when Google first announced its intention to leave China, most netizens were spending time discussing whether Google should stay, there was one special group of people didn’t spare much effort on the debates. Instead, they were inspired by the incident and started an “interesting” project. This group of twenty people spent one day and one night, finished building the website, Goojje, and put it into use the next day, said Xiaoxuan , administrator of Goojje.

According to Xiaoxuan, the initiator of this project is a twenty-year-old college student surnamed Wen. Wen was too shy to show up publicly. The team also has a thirteen-year-old computer whiz kid, who had started playing with computers since age five and now is in charge of designing the website.

Xiaoxuan said, technically, Goojje wasn’t a search engine but a platform for making friends, and the intention of establishing the website was for fun not for money, at least for now.

“But how will you get money to develop the website or to pay the salary?” the reporter wondered. Xiaoxuan answered what the website needed most right now was time to get more developed; currently money is not a key concern.

In response to the nickname of Google’s copycat, Xiaoxuan expressed, copycat was an excellent spirit in sense of learning from other’s strength. To the question how long the website can exist, Xiaoxun answered firmly Goojje would exist as long as they lived, and even when no one used Goojje, they would hang in there till the end.


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